5th Annual Tony Allen Karaoke Night Pictures

5th Annual Tony Allen Karaoke Night Pictures are here! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported a great cause! And a special shout out to this year’s winner Chris J. www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyo

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Success Stories – Terrence Bowen

Who better to tell you how JIFF changes lives than one of the young men who has been through the program. Meet Terrence Bowen, a young man who has changed his path with the help of the Mentors at JIFF. Our thanks to Impact America Video for creating this exceptional video.

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JP Day for JIFF! – Public Painting With a Purpose Pictures

Thanks Painting with a Twist, for a great afternoon! We had a bunch of fun painting and supporting a great cause to raise $$ and awareness for our JIFF youth. Check out some of the pictures below. Enjoy! On October 4, 2013, his son Palmer’s 7th birthday, J.P. Shelley was murdered in Memphis by 3 teen gang members while working as a contractor. J.P. also left behind his beloved daughter Emme who’s now 7. The 15-yr-old shooter had 15 prior offenses. J.P.’s widow Beverly now serves as a board member with JIFF, our non-profit organization & the only one in Memphis working...

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