Sweet LaLa’s Bakery High Ground News Article!

Sweet LaLa’s Bakery in South Memphis gives juvenile offenders a second chance via Lauren Squires-Ready for High Ground News Sweet LaLa’s Bakery launched in 2014 to create an employment pipeline for graduates of JIFF, or Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow-up. Sweet LaLa’s Bakery formed a business relationship with JIFF and now contracts with JIFF to supply the student workforce for the bakery. Bakers become eligible once they have graduated from the 16-week core program JIFF provides. All students are paid for any time spent in the kitchen, from training, to production to...

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5th Annual Tony Allen Karaoke Night Pictures

5th Annual Tony Allen Karaoke Night Pictures are here! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported a great cause! And a special shout out to this year’s winner Chris J. www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyouth.org'www.JIFFyo

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Success Stories – Terrence Bowen

Who better to tell you how JIFF changes lives than one of the young men who has been through the program. Meet Terrence Bowen, a young man who has changed his path with the help of the Mentors at JIFF. Our thanks to Impact America Video for creating this exceptional video.

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